When should you consult a psychologist in Melbourne

Nick Kyrgios was suspended in 2015 from the International Premier Tennis League. His suspension demanded that he needed to consult a good sports psychologist. It was ordered by the ATP and Nick has confessed that the suspension had helped him have a better mental health. Just like Nick, there are plenty of people who need to consult a psychologist to have a better mental health. If you are in Melbourne, you must know when you should consult a psychologist in Melbourne.

Every person goes through stress, grief, anxiety, sadness and conflict. It is hard to figure out when you need professional help to combat your emotional turbulence. It is a sad reality that the people who will benefit most from consulting a psychologist are not taking any professional help.

Most people feel that they can handle their problems, but they don’t realize that the problem may get worse by avoiding a psychologist. There is a stigma related to mental health which is the primary reason why people don’t consult a psychologist often.

Let’s look at some of the most important signs when you should consult a psychologist:

1.      You feel intense sadness, anger or stress

All of us feel sad, anxious and stressed. But you need to question yourself how intensely do you feel. If extreme sadness, extreme anger or over anxiety overcomes you regularly, it is not a healthy sign.

It can result in panic attacks and make you unproductive. If you are in Melbourne, you don’t need to worry as there are many psychologists there. You must consult an experienced psychologist in Melbourne if you feel intense sadness, anxiety or anger.

2.      You keep thinking about a trauma that you have suffered from

A bad breakup or divorce, a tragic incident, loss of a family member can affect you in deeper ways. If you can’t stop yourself from thinking about the traumatic incident and you can’t function properly, you must consult a psychologist. Inability to sleep for many days and withdrawing from everyone is a sign that you need a psychologist.

3.      You are coping by using a substance

If you are using drugs or drinking in larger quantities, it means that you are trying to numb your feelings. Some people also overeat, whereas some others seldom eat in such a situation. Only a psychologist can help you if you find yourself using a substance to cope.

4.      Unexplained headaches, weak immune system, stomach aches

Our mental health is closely related to our physical health. Emotional turbulence and depression can result in unexplained headaches, weak immune system and stomach aches. If you find that your physical health is also getting affected due to your mental health, you must consult a psychologist.

5.      Disconnected from your job and activities that you loved earlier

If your sadness is interfering with your performance at work, then you must take it seriously. Psychological issues result in people feeling disconnected from their job and activities that they loved earlier. A good psychologist in Melbourne can improve your mental health and help you get back to normal life.

These are the 5 most common signs for consulting a psychologist. If you are experiencing any of them, please get help soon.

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