Tangga Lagu Korea Terbaru 2013



Tangga Lagu Korea Terbaru Bulan ini 2013

Lagu Baru

  1. 1,2,3,4, Lee Ha Yi
  2. I Will Show You, Ailee
  3. Officially Missing You, Too, Geeks, SoYu
  4. Please Don't, K.Will
  5. Things that I couldn't say, Noel
  6. So Cute, Byul (With Kwon Jung Yeol of 10cm)
  7. (Q Mark), Primary (Feat. Choiza of Dynamic Duo, Zion.T)
  8. After Turning Into Dust, Jung Joon Machsa Young & Roy Kim
  9. I Don't Need Man, miss A
  10. Men Are All Like That, Kim Jong Kook
  11. Bloom, Ga In (of Brown Eyed Girls)
  12. Whistle, hardika com, Roy Kim
  13. Ice Cream, Hyun A (4 Minute) (Feat. Maboos)
  14. Emergency Room, Jung Joon Young
  15. All the same, Urban Zakapa
  16. It's Cold, Epik High Featuring Lee Hi
  17. Gangnam Style, PSY
  18. Probability, Monday Kiz
  19. You are so bad, Byul
  20. All For You, Seo In Kook, Jeong Eun Ji
  21. Malri Flower, Lee Jung
  22. LIPSTICK, Orange Caramel
  23. Love Is Like A Snowflake, XIA
  24. Memory Of The Wind, Naul
  25. Stop doing that, G.NA
  26. Nillili Mambo, Block B
  27. Missing You, G-Dragon Featuring Kim Yuna
  28. Dripping Tears, Son Dam Bi
  29. The Moon of Seoul, Roy Kim
  30. If You Love Me, NS Yoon-G (Feat. Jay Park)
  31. Tried To Walk, B1A4
  32. Shine, Kim Sung Kyu
  33. 39.5, Kan Jong Wook
  34. My son, hardika.com, Yoo Seung Woo
  35. Really, Song Joong-Ki
  36. After the Play, Dick Punks
  37. Hands Of The Clock, Shinyoo
  38. DON'T FORGET ME, Girl's Day
  39. UP, Epik High (Feat. Park Bom Of 2NE1)
  40. Poison, Primary (Feat. E-Sens of Supreme Team)
  41. Love Note, Ailee
  42. Crayon, G-Dragon
  43. My prince, Park Bo Young
  44. I Need You, Huh Gak ,Zia
  45. Walking To You, Yoon Gun
  46. This Love, The One
  47. Stop it, B.A.P.
  48. River, Urban Zakapa
  49. Fine Thank You And You?, 10cm
  50. Amateur, Lee Seung Chul

Tangga Lagu Korea Terbaru Bulan ini 2013

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